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The 'Triggering' of TJ Kirk [ASM Mirror]|Anti-Social Media being CENSORED|Read Description

TW: This video contains some slurs and hateful language in screenshots. Viewer discretion advised I am aware Mirrors are annoying, but this happened to a friend of mine, and I don’t want to see him censored/ kicked off the platform. If you want to, consider mirroring the video I understand that the use of triggering is not cool, but I don’t remember if that is critiqued in this video or not, either way. Consider watching and subbing to Anti-Social Media. Ok. So my Friend Anti Social Media made a video critiquing TJ Kirk, Aka the amazing atheist. TJ’s fans, or someone, flagged ASM’s video, and ASM now has a strike on his channel. Please consider subscribing to ASM, while he’s not as far left as I am, or my content, I consider a lot of his work funny/ valuable as a voice. Please consider giving him a watch (I’m gonna be working with him to help him improve his production values, bc he has a lot of good things to say) ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: (approximation) For a man who prides himself on ‘Triggering’ smaller youtubers, TJ Kirk gets incredibly angry at the opinions of ASM, a smaller youtuber.