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 Angie Speaks

Angie Speaks

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Capitalism and Spirituality (Angie Speaks Goes Twin Peaks)

Looks like Angie Speaks has been trapped in the Black Lodge of Twin Peaks by A “New-Age” doppelgänger! Will she make it out in time by learning that true spirituality is not about consumption but about being? Come with me on a psychedelic journey through the world of Twin Peaks as I discuss the ways the evil force of capitalism has recuperated Spiritual traditions and regurgitated soulless images. Please consider supporting my channel by becoming a Patron at: Come hang out with me on twitter @speaksangie Music: Twin Peaks Theme (cover) Laura Palmer’s Theme (cover) Audrey’s Dance (cover) “Chamber Of Reflection” Cover by Angie Speaks (original by Mac Demarco) “On” by Special Thanks to: Peter Coffin: (Guy Debord Quote Voice)- Bat’ko (Zizek Quote Voice)- Pamphleteers: (Script Editor)-