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 Angie Speaks

Angie Speaks

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Who Are Black Leftists Supposed to Be?

Who Are Black Leftists Supposed to Be?” is a satirical take on the alienation sometimes felt by black leftists within predominantly white middle class leftists spaces. This video is an analysis of class and race and how those intersections often go ignored within certain areas of the left. Big thanks to Peter Coffin and Eastern Marsh Lands for helping me with this video! Music: “Graduation March” “Thieving Magpie” “Baba It Will Be Ok” - Dr.Doctor “I Got Life” - Nina Simone - Cover by Angie Speaks Check out Eastern Marsh Lands: Please consider supporting my channel by becoming a Patron at: Come hang out with me on twitter @speaksangie Music by Dr. Doctor : #BlackLeftist #AngieSpeaks #BreadTube #BlackSocialis