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ANARCHO-AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: Angie Speaks Interviews Michael Saba

Come Join in the fun as I shoot the shit with Michael Saba, a fellow leftist YouTuber, with a background in Journalism and a flair for sharp media critique. We will be discussing his time spent in Russia, The Politics of Electronic Music, the strange phenomena of “Wokewashing” in media and art, Bad Pop Culture of the 12st Century and Social Media and Mental Health. Michael worked for CNN and was then swiftly spirited away to Russia where he worked for RT and was privy to the strange machinations of the East VS West media apparatus. His channel “Michael Saba” is one of my fave places on youtube! It focuses primarily on critical analysis of pop culture artifacts from a leftist perspective. If you’ve heard of him, lucky you, If not, It’s because he doesn’t whore himself out on social media like the rest of us! . His channel is a wonderful place, one that I feel a deep affinity towards and I’m proud to introduce him to you all today