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 Angie Speaks

Angie Speaks

Anarchist Leftist channel with a creative and mystical flair! If you like what I do and want to support me so I can make more, please consider becoming a Patron! You can also come hang with me on twitter @speaksangie!

Loneliness & Capitalism : Inside Angie Speaks

Loneliness & Capitalism is a journey into Angie Speaks’ head as her emotions attempt to grapple with the reality of Isolation and Capitalism. Please consider supporting my channel by becoming a Patron at: Come hang out with me on twitter @speaksangie Produced by @BadmanMassive (twitter) Music: Vernon - Rainy Day Diddy - Dr. Doctor - Master of Your Own [feat Angie Speaks] Trai Bo - Faegames Special thanks to Glorp Records