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 Anti-Social Media

Anti-Social Media

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The 'Triggering' of TJ Kirk

TJ Kirk is as mad as hell, and it’s all my fault. ==== ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA on Twitter: Throw your spare change at me, via PAYPAL: Or donate $1 (or more) per month via PATREON: Listen to the ASM PODCAST via; iTUNES: SPREAKER: LATEST EPISODES ONLY via SOUNDCLOUD: =========== TJ’s original video (his response to me) RULES FOR COMMENTS SECTION: Play nice. I want my comments section to be a buzzword-free zone. Words like ‘cuck, faggot and retard’ are banned, because only lame people use those. If you want to insult me YOU CAN, but you must be inventive. Use your brain. Break the mould. Express yourself. But don’t be lame. x