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 Anti-Social Media

Anti-Social Media

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Profile: Sargon of Akkad

Sargon of Akkad is a YouTuber who is totally obsessed with hating feminism, SJWs and protecting men’s rights. He has a hardcore following of dubious fanatics who’s views on women and the left are even more warped than Sargon’s. In this 12 min comedy video I explain my findings after forcing myself to watch a month worth of Sargon’s output. Never again. I also introduce a new character to YouTube: SARGON OF GONAD! Watch his full video here: ————————————————————— If you like the videos please SUBSCRIBE. ————————————————————— Check out the ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA PODCAST, via; iTunes: Soundcloud: My Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: out the ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA PODCAST, via; ————————————————————– Sources: - Sargon of Akkad’s YouTube channel: - Sargon’s trailer: - One of Sargon’s many anti-feminist videos: (the one featured in the profile) - Sargon’s petition: - Libertarian Socialist Rants’s video DESTROYING Sargon’s retarded petition: - Richard ‘The Dick’ Coughlan’s YouTube channel (subscribe) :