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 Anti-Social Media

Anti-Social Media

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Bearing's* Romantic Walk - EXTENDED EDITION

(The Real Bearing™) Parody - Any Resemblance to Actual Persons, Living or Dead, or other dull animals on YouTube is purely coincidental. Don’t bully people online. x ===== Once again Bearing is called upon to read a statement for Feminazi Kristi Winters, but first he goes for a romantic stroll in the woods with Michael Rowlands. Watch the previous 4 videos featuring Bearing* via this playlist: Half of the older Bearing* videos were recorded for Kristi’s 3 part series on doxxing allegations. Part One: Part Two: Part Three (which features the romantic stroll in the woods): Michael Rowlands’ Channel: The outdoors footage was recorded by new YouTuber ‘SCRUFF BOX’, who makes drone films, stop-motion animation, time lapses and hyper lapses with his cute dog Scruffy. Check out his channel here, and subscribe: THIS VIDEO: Intro and info section 00:00-06:00 Bearing* section 06:00-15:00 End section (‘DVD Extras’) 15:00-20:00 ================================= Download/Stream the Anti-Social Media Podcast from; iTunes: Spreaker: Subscribe to the podcast and my YouTube channel - plenty more videos coming in the near future. Like, comment or down vote - THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER. My Twitter: x