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 Anti-Social Media

Anti-Social Media

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Milo and PewDiePie: A Paedo and a Nazi walk into a bar...

It’s been a big week for Rationals™ making career-threatening statements, and for YouTube mega stars who now have Rationals™ pretending to like them for attention and profit. I look back on 7 days of scandal involving PewDiePie and Milo, using as many jokes as I can. Apologies for the minor sound issues and occasional times the camera re-focuses itself, I was using a borrowed device and I couldn’t make it work perfectly. Note: Comments will be carefully monitored, so trolls beware that you will probably be deleted and blocked. BUT MUH FREEZE PEACH - Yeah, I don’t care. x Sarah Nyberg thread: Lena Durham ‘child abuse’ claims: Michael Rowlands’s video on Milo being destroyed: ================================= Download/Stream the Anti-Social Media Podcast from; iTunes: Spreaker: Subscribe to the podcast and my YouTube channel - plenty more videos coming in the near future. Like, comment or down vote - THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER. My Twitter: x