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 Anti-Social Media

Anti-Social Media

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Last 30 Days of Trump

Donald Trump is arguably the world’s biggest Troll, and he’s had a really bad month. Let’s look back at the gaffes and comments that have seen him drop ten points behind Hillary. Make YouTube Great Again. ================ SUBSCRIBE, LIKE/DOWN-VOTE, OR LEAVE A SHITTY COMMENT. ================ ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA PODCAST, via; iTunes: Please download an episode, or even better - SUBSCRIBE! ===================== Twitter: ASM Facebook: My own Facebook: Patreon: If you want to go one better than subscribing you can give me a whopping $1.00 a month via Patreon (that’s around £7 per year). I will invest in recording equipment (decent camera, editing programmes, pop-shield for the mic, etc) with your donations. I am not here to make a profit. I repeat: THIS IS A NON-PROFIT PATREON. Thanks for watching. x