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 Anti-Social Media

Anti-Social Media

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TL;DR - Love/Hate Your Enemy (A DAVE NICE RESPONSE)

Legendary DJ Dave Nice (from Smashie & Nicey fame) drops in to refute claims made in a TL;DR video. Is the deer correct, or is it a load of old bollocks, in a geriatric testicular-mongous type way? For young viewers: Who are Smashie and Nicey - TL;DR’s original video: Kevin Logan’s Decent of Man-osphere video on TL;DR - Please subscribe, up vote/down vote and comment. x ================================= Download/Stream the Anti-Social Media Podcast from; iTunes: Spreaker: Subscribe to the podcast and my YouTube channel - plenty more videos coming in the near future. Like, comment or down vote - THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER. My Twitter: x