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 Anti-Social Media

Anti-Social Media

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Paul Joseph Watson - LIE HARD

PJW attacks comedian Josie Long because she’s worried about far-right terrorism, but PJW looks a fool because he’s wrong about EVERYTHING. Twitter: Despite my best efforts, this video does contain a few seconds of copyrighted music, therefore YouTube refuses to monetise it. I’m gutted I can’t earn a whopping $3-$5 dollars for 5 days worth of work. So if you liked the video feel free to send me a similar amount via paypal, or set up a monthly payment with Patreon. I AM SO VERY POOR. Donate $1 a month via PATREON: Or a one-off $1 donation via PAYPAL: My EDGE video: ========== MUSIC CREDITS Dj Quads - Let it snow Original video feat. Josie Long: PJW’s stupid response: Anactualjoke’s Twitter: Anactualjoke’s YT: Garrett’s Twitter: Garrett’s YT: Dick Coughlan’s Twitter: Coughlan’s YT: Roon Mian’s Twitter: NoKnownKnowledge’s Twitter: Sources used in my video: Telegraph report on terrorism: The error strewn Europol table that PJW uses, and all the additional EU terrorism stats I gave you can be found vis Sun: ===================== Subscribe to my YouTube channel - plenty more videos coming in the near future. Like, comment or down vote - THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER. x