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【The Bread Book】Peter Kropotkin (1892) - "The Conquest of Bread" Guatemalan Midtempo Mix

ULTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO AUDIBLE ANARCHIST FOR PRODUCING THIS AUDIOBOOK :D The Complete “Bread Book” at +15% speed, read by Audible Anarchist with Midtempo mixes by Mose and Argus. ———————————————————————————- SUPPORT: Patreon: Don’t support this channel, support your comrades! All of the following are great places to start: Hambach Forest: About: Hambacher needs solidarity now possibly more than ever as they struggle to keep the forest occupied. Info on how to help can be found at the following website. Food Not Bombs: Start one! Join the IWW: Mutual Aid: Find a trans comrade who is crowdfunding transition and donate there! ———————————————————————————- Audio - Audiobook: Audible Anarchist - The Conquest of Bread Music: 0:00 Mose - Balance (Live Set) 1:14:38 Argus - Shankra Festival 2018 Music Application 2:10:35 Mose - Sunset Cacao Dance Guatemala Image: ———————————————————————————-