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【Labour History】 Rudolf Rocker (1938) "Anarcho-Syndicalism" - Progressive/Melodic Techno Mix

Special thanks to Audible Anarchist for the narration! “Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice” by Rudolf Rocker at ~+10% speed with assorted progressive and melodic techno mixes by ARTBAT, Juan Elvadin, and Miss Monique. ———————————————————————————- Audio - Audiobook: Music: 0:00 Miss Monique - MiMo Weekly Podcast #005 59:04 Miss Monique - YearMix 2018 // Progressive Mix 1:56:32 ARTBAT - Fusion Festival | 2018 2:51:24 Juan Elvadin - Again Music x Juan Elvadin @ Ibiza Global Radio Image - Download: Created From: