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 a privileged vegan

a privileged vegan

Welcome! I created this channel to talk about pro-intersectional justice, always making sure that humans and other animals are a part of that conversation. I also like to find cool activists and interview them about their work/ views/projects. Follow me on Facebook and say hi! xxx

Will we see a vegan world under capitalism? (Vegfest Talk)

Hey Everyone! This is the speech that I gave at Vegfest London (October 2017). In this talk, I try to make sense of the fact that veganism is growing, and still, more animals are being killed. Here is a breakdown of the talk: 0:48 What does the news tell us? How can two opposing industries be profitable at the same time? 7:20 Three ways the meat industry uses to stay profitable even with a stagnating meat/ dairy consumption and a growing vegan market in industrialized nations 13:24 How capitalism can use vegan consumerism as a way to survive and thrive 18:05 How has neoliberal citizenship changed us? 21:55 How is capitalist veganism limiting animal rights activists (personal story) 27:14 Final thoughts: using the “de-commodification of life” as a principle to ally all social justice movements Follow me on Facebook! Thanks to Brian from The Onion Knight for the Vegfest photos! Some of the articles I mentioned: Rise of mega farms: how the US model of intensive farming is invading the world (The Guardian) UK has nearly 800 livestock mega farms, investigation reveals (The Guardian) UK-US trade deal would not allow chlorinated chicken imports – Gove (The Guardian) US set to import British beef and lamb for the first time in 20 years(Telegraph) American beef industry hopeful Brexit will open valuable market (CNBC) Veganism has grown 500% since 2014 in the US (Rise of Vegan) Danone sees $760M Profit spike after acquiring vegan megabrand ‘Heartbreaking’ 68pc rise in self-harm among young teenage girls (Telegraph) People and organizations I mentioned in order: David Harvey Dr. Breeze Harper Food Not Bombs Chilis on Wheels Collectively Free A Well Fed World Pep Foods The Palestinian Animal League Food Empowerment Project The Save Movement Angela Davis