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 a privileged vegan

a privileged vegan

Welcome! I created this channel to talk about pro-intersectional justice, always making sure that humans and other animals are a part of that conversation. I also like to find cool activists and interview them about their work/ views/projects. Follow me on Facebook and say hi! xxx

Why France Is At War With Burkinis and Veils [sous-titres français]

Hi everyone! Today’s video is about the burkini ban and about France’s history of banning traditional Muslim headgear. I took the extra time to add French subtitles, so please feel free to share it with any potential French friends and family :) Other super awesome youtubers doing the 30 videos in 30 days challenge: - Reg Flowers : - Abantu May : - Sarah Belyea; “Banning the Burkini” by Dina Tokio’s: “My hijab has nothing to do with oppression. It’s a feminist statement” by Hanna Yusuf: “Taking my hijab off” by Habiba Da Silva: Terrific interview by Yasser Louati: “France’s Burkini Ban Rooted in Racist Colonial Past” Articles en Français: “Derrière les arrêtés anti-burkini, l’«humiliation» des musulmanes” “Racisme, sexisme et… burkini” “La droite sarkozyste refuse d’éteindre la polémique sur le burkini” My Facebook page: