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 a privileged vegan

a privileged vegan

Welcome! I created this channel to talk about pro-intersectional justice, always making sure that humans and other animals are a part of that conversation. I also like to find cool activists and interview them about their work/ views/projects. Follow me on Facebook and say hi! xxx

How We Started an African-centered Vegan Homeschool | ft. Samantha

Hi everyone! Today I interview Samantha on my channel. She talks about how she worked with her community to create an African-centered vegan homeschool out of her living room in Brooklyn. Samantha also talks about the fact that Black families is the single fastest homeschooling group in the U.S., and that homeschooling has the potential to create revolutionary change and empower communities of color. Samantha maintains that anything is possible, and that by working together, everyone can start a homeschool and a cooperative. I met Samantha a few months ago when I moved to New York. I had the privilege of visiting the homeschool and meeting many of the incredible children and parents who make up the community. I hope that this video is widely shared and that Samantha’s story can inspire others to take on grassroots revolutionary change. Samantha has kindly offered to help anyone who would like to start a homeschool and hear more about their journey. Her email is: Follow Konjo Academy on Facebook! This is truly an example of grassroots, revolutionary change that the vegan community should celebrate!!! Thanks for watching and please share this amazing story :)