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 a privileged vegan

a privileged vegan

Welcome! I created this channel to talk about pro-intersectional justice, always making sure that humans and other animals are a part of that conversation. I also like to find cool activists and interview them about their work/ views/projects. Follow me on Facebook and say hi! xxx

Stef Sanjati Tries Veganism!!! ♡ Trans Vegans

This video is a response video to Stef Sanjati’s video “Why I’m Not Vegan (and why I’m going to try)”. It is mostly a big list of all the trans/ queer trans vegans that are doing incredible work in the movement, working hard to connect animal liberation and queer liberation to end oppression. Stef’s video: Calvin Neufeld “Trans Veganism” Pax Ahimsa Gethen: “Welcoming Gender Diversity” v=SgvhE51jmc4&t=509s Pax’s blog: Christopher Sebastian: “Queering Animal Liberation: Why Animal Rights is a Queer Issue” Collectively Free: NYC Pride March: Vine Sanctuary: pattrice jones: “Human Rights are Animal Rights” “A World Without Cages: Thoughts on Vegan, Trans, and Prison Abolitionist Practices” Sea Sharp’s Poetry Book: “The Swagger of Dorothy Gale & Other Filthy Ways to Strut”: Food Empowerment Project lauren Ornelas: “Food Justice—Farm Worker Rights, Human Rights Abuses, and Food Access Issues” Trans Vegan Youtubers: Kayla: Maya: Anastasia’s video response: Follow me on Facebook! Support me on Patreon!