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 Art House Politics

Art House Politics

Our politics are high-brow, nuanced, subtle, inspired, enlightened even. To us, politics is an art form. Our politics belong hanging in museums. Our politics are beautiful, misunderstood in their time

Justice for Waluigi: A Gateway Cause

For many, #JusticeForWaluigi has become an entry point for larger political projects. Turn your volume down Support us on Patreon: AHP on Facebook: AHP on Twitter: … Justice for Waluigi: A Gateway Cause that radicalize gamers around the world toward socialist demands. The shitpost was made by Art House Politics, a channel on Left Tube (an online community of creators such as Contrapoints, hbomberguy and Shaun). The #justiceforwaluigi meme is a rallying cry for Nintendo to include Waluigi, Mario Kart and Mario Tennis staple, to Super Smash Bros. He’s only been an assist trophy in Brawl, Smash 4 and Ultimate even though Wario is a playable character. Wah! The narrator’s rant devolves into anxiety about income inequality, capitalism, the gatekeeping of centrist liberal leaders such as Nancy Pelosi. Who knew video games were a political issue.