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 Art House Politics

Art House Politics

Our politics are high-brow, nuanced, subtle, inspired, enlightened even. To us, politics is an art form. Our politics belong hanging in museums. Our politics are beautiful, misunderstood in their time

Art Haunted House Politics - Spooky Special

Download the gifs! Witch - Frankenstein - Ghost - Vamp - Werewolf - Skeleton - … If it’s October 30th, it’s Halloween again! It is a mood and a spooky time for skeletons, werewolves, frankensteins, draculas, vampires, witches and ghost and even ghouls to party. Download the gifs for cute halloween memes. They were made by Art House Politics, a channel on Left Tube (an online community of creators such as Contrapoints, hbomberguy and Shaun). These monsters appear in greeting cards in support of left wing, social justice and socialist demands such as believing survivors, transitioning to renewables, taxing the rich, and ending the wars.