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Ilhan Omar Ruins War Criminal (We Stan)

[CW: graphic/sexual assault] Rep. Ilhan Omar questioning war criminal Elliott Abrams at a hearing is pure justice. Oh, we stan! She makes him reckon with the genocide and crimes against humanity he oversaw in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua to his lizard face. Support us on Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: Elliott Abrams is special envoy to Venezuela, instead of special envoy to a jail cell. John Bolton admits on Fox that the Venezuelan coup is about oil. #StandWithIlhan Ilhan Omar is one of the first Muslim women in Congress along with Rashida Tlaib, and she came in swinging against the foreign policy consensus and corrosive corruption in DC. The right wing coordinated a media attack calling her antisemitic when she criticized AIPAC for influencing Israel policy. Liberals played their part, Pelosi and Schumer issued a condemnation and the GOP is now calling for her to resign.