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 Art House Politics

Art House Politics

Our politics are high-brow, nuanced, subtle, inspired, enlightened even. To us, politics is an art form. Our politics belong hanging in museums. Our politics are beautiful, misunderstood in their time

Pokémon Art House Sapphire (FULL)

The Art House Politics playthrough of Pokémon Sapphire! Support us: Twitter: Facebook: Insta: FAQ: Why is the audio bad? (Sometimes it’s less bad) Why is the resolution low? (The streams lagged at higher res) Where can I watch future streams? ( ) Why didn’t you let Kippy evolve? (Kippy is cute) Pokémon Art House Sapphire is a Let’s Play of the Nintendo Game Pokémon Sapphire which was released for the Gameboy Advance GBA with Ruby and Emerald, after Crystal, and before Diamond and Pearl. Pokemon is a video game still releasing new titles like Sun and Moon and also Sword and Shield. Make video games illegal