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Meghan McCain: Mind of an American Princess

Meghan McCain is American royalty, who has trouble talking cordially with the riffraff. This is the most antisemitic video she’s ever seen. Support us on Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: Insta: My Father compilation: Meghan McCain is a conservative republican talk show host on The View with Joy Behar, Whoopie Goldberg and Sunny Hostin. When yelling about socialism, Venezuela, border security, the Trump administration, or MY FATHER MY FATHER MY FATHER John McCain war hero, she might meltdown and clash with her co-hosts. Not technically but basically Jewish and is very scared about antisemitism (Ilhan Omar). Clips taken from Only90sKids “Meghan McCain saying “My Father…” for 1 minute straight (2008-2019)“, The Young Turks TYT “Meghan McCain’s Meltdown” and various Meghan McCain worst moments compilations.