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 Ask A Mortician

Ask A Mortician

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The Foreskin Wedding Ring of St Catherine

The Middle Ages were magic! Patreon Link to Support this Channel: Co-Op Funeral Home in Seattle: WHERE ELSE YOU CAN FIND ME Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: CREDITS Mortician: Caitlin Doughty Script Research: Sarah Troop Flying Kitten Titles: Oliver Franklin Anderson LINKS & RESOURCES FROM THIS VIDEO Excellent piece from Order member Elizabeth Harper on her own relationship with St Catherine: Books: Bynum, Caroline Walker. Jesus as Mother: Studies in the Spirituality of the High Middle Ages. University of California Press, 1982. Reda, Mario and Giuseppe Sacco. “Anorexia and the Holiness of Saint Catherine of Siena” Translated by Graeme Newman. Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, 8(1) (2001): 37-47. Glucklich, Ariel. Sacred Pain: Hurting the Body for the Sake of the Soul. Oxford University Press, 2003. Rank, Otto. Beyond Psychology. Courier Dover Publications, 2012. Stealing of Catherine’s Friend: Foreskin Fun Fact! Austrian nun Agnes Blannbekin “led a life devoted to the foreskin of Jesus”. The study says: “She was obsessed by the loss of blood and the pain which the redeemer had suffered during his circumcision. On one occasion, when she was moved to tears by the thought of this suffering, she suddenly felt the foreskin on her tongue.”