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 Ask A Mortician

Ask A Mortician

Mortician in Los Angeles. You got death questions, we got death answers. Mortality + Culture.

CORPSE HOAXES: Aliens & Cadaver Factories

We’re afraid of death, yet we seem to love a good corpse conspiracy theory. Thank you Patron deathlings, who make this all possible! Pre-Order in my book in the UK: My US/Canada version of the book (hardcover, ebook, or audiobook): Co-Op Funeral Home in Seattle: WHERE ELSE YOU CAN FIND ME Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: CREDITS Mortician: Caitlin Doughty Writing & Research: Louise Hung (@LouiseHung1) Editor & Graphics: Landis Blair (@landisblair) LEARN MORE “The Corpse Factory and the Birth of Fake News” “The Racism Behind Alien Mummy Hoaxes” “In the Joints of Their Toes” “Mourned Beef” “China Denies Exporting Human Meat to African Supermarkets as Fake Photos Go Viral”