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 Ask A Mortician

Ask A Mortician

Mortician in Los Angeles. You got death questions, we got death answers. Mortality + Culture.

Trying Out a Hawaiian Eco-Casket

If a tree falls in a Hawaii, and no one is around to hear it…can it become a casket? Thank you Patron deathlings, who make this all possible. Learn more about Pāhiki Eco-Caskets!: The Co-op Funeral Home of People’s Memorial Find our podcast on iTunes: Find our podcast on Spotify: Find our podcast on Google Play: My two books!: WHERE ELSE YOU CAN FIND ME Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: CREDITS Mortician: Caitlin Doughty Producer: Louise Hung (@LouiseHung1) Editor & Graphics: Landis Blair (@landisblair) LEARN MORE Pāhiki Eco-Caskets “Group wants to bring back Native Hawaiian burial traditions” “A Gentler Death”