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 Black Red Guard

Black Red Guard

Ruminations, rants, lectures, screeds from a New Afrikan Maoist in Saint Louis, Missouri. @BRG on medium

Black August and the Importance of Applying Theory

August is the longest and hottest month of the year. Thus, by rights, we New Afrikans are entitled to claim it for ourselves and a commemoration of our revolutionary history. This month saw the murder of our theoretician George Jackson (1971), the birth of Marcus Garvey (1887), the Nat Turner uprising (1831) and the beginning of the Haitian Revolution (1791). Learn to apply our theory so that we can make ever more history. Art by Kevin Rashid Johnson of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party - Prison Chapter. Want to support my comrades’ work in STL? Check out the Center for People’s Self Determination: Want to support my writing? Subscribe to my Patreon: