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 Black Red Guard

Black Red Guard

Ruminations, rants, lectures, screeds from a New Afrikan Maoist in Saint Louis, Missouri. @BRG on medium

Right to Resist Coalition: Start One in Your Town!

What is the Right to Resist Coalition? A coalition started by comrades from PSC-Austin and SJPNYC. Why should you start one? Do you want to resist war and empire or don’t you? Fuck Memorial Day. Sign you and your org up here: “We must revive a militant anti-war movement that will put an end to the destruction of our homelands, centering the right of oppressed nations to resist intervention and neo-colonialism. Through this campaign, Right to Resist War & Empire, we call on chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine, anti-imperialist organizations in all sectors, and youth organizations to take up this call to rebuild the anti-war movement.”