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How I Became a Feminist SJW

What if brainwashing is just a word for education you disagree with? BECOME MY PATRON: DONATE: SUBSCRIBE: TWEET: FACEBOOK: **My current opinion of Ways of Seeing: I think it was written as a counterpoint to a kind of excessive aestheticism that dominated art history in the 1950s, which was totally blind to social context. But today the students who were undergraduates when this book came out are now tenured professors, and in my opinion there’s now too much analysis of capitalism and gender in the humanities and not enough discussion of what actually makes art good. But I think that will probably be remedied when everyone gets sick of Marxist analysis and remembers that art can also be beautiful and strange and fun. Ideally, I think there’s room for both approaches. Sorry about the bad sound, I’ll have that improved in the next video. Music credits: The synthesized Beethoven is not, as you may have assumed, Wendy Carlos’s version from A Clockwork Orange, but my own soft synth version. The music at the beginning is a concerto grosso by Handel, a public domain performance from the European Archive.