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Degeneracy | ContraPoints

This is a historical-philosophical-pastoral-comical video I made about the history of the word “degeneracy” and the right of degenerates to exist. ✿Patreon: ✿Donate: ✿Merch: ✿Subscribe: ✿Live Stream Channel: ✿Twitter: ✿Facebook: ✿Instagram: Check out my videos about: The Left: Decrypting the Alt-Right: TERFs: Gender Dysphoria: Free Speech (Part 1): Free Speech (Part 2): Debating the Alt-Right: What is Race?: What is Gender?: What the Alt-Right fears: BDSM: Punching Natsees: Music: “The Aquarium” from Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saëns “Friday” and “Slaughter” by The Passion HiFi “Better Days” by LAKEY INSPIRED “William Tell” Overture by Rossini “Pur Ti Miro” by Monteverdi “Symphony 1, Mvt 4” by Beethoven “Sun” by HOME “Brandenburg Concerto No 4, I.” by J.S. Bach, produced by Kevin Macleod “The Gladiator” by Sousa “Cylinder Five” by Chris Zabriskie “1812 Overture” by Tchaikovsky Credits: “Gold Dust Woman” by Stevie Nicks arranged by ContraPoints