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[brief strobe effect during “how to eat ribs” scene] This is a fictional dialogue I made about TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) for philosophical and artistic purposes. See pinned comment for more info. CW: fictionalized transphobia and brief mentions of sexual assault. ✿Patreon: ✿Donate: ✿Subscribe: ✿Live Stream Channel: ✿Twitter: ✿Facebook: ✿Instagram: Check out my videos about: Gender Dysphoria: Free Speech (Part 1): Free Speech (Part 2): Debating the Alt-Right: What is Race?: What is Gender?: Genderqueer: BDSM: The Alt-Right: Casual Sex: Punching Natsees: White N@tionalism: Music: “Helios” by Romos “The Echoes of Summer” by Ars Sonor “Life of Riley” by Kevin MacLeod “Pistol & Cutlass” by Wontolla “String Quartet No. 6, III. Adagio” by Mendelssohn “The Bells of St. Anne de Beaupre” by Russell, perf. Paul Pitman “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven