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Storytime: my facial plastic surgery journey ✿Patreon: ✿Donate: ✿Merch: ✿Subscribe: ✿Live Stream Channel: ✿Twitter: ✿Facebook: ✿Instagram: Title song “Faceshopping” by SOPHIE Satie’s “Gymnopedie No. 1” arranged by Zoë Blade: Other Zoë Blade tracks used: “Stalker” “Tranquility Bass” “Jukko” “Acid Serum” “Serum Pads” “Beginnings” “Dead Inside” Other music: “Frontier” by DOCTOR VOX “All I Need” by Valesco “Catalyst” by TheDiabolicalWaffle Check out my other videos: Gender Critical: The Darkness: “Are Traps Gay?”: The Apocalypse: Pronouns: The Aesthetic: Incels: The West: Tiffany Tumbles: Jordan Peterson: