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 Creationist Cat

Creationist Cat

was a freakin’ housecat dat was zapped by god true dee innernet. Now I’m an agent of da lord, Atheists Beware! (satirical take on alt-right/skeptic videos)

MILO & CC Shodomize Alex Jones & InfoWars!

The fabulous Milo Yiannopoulos & Creationist Cat recently joined Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, and the entire InfoWars crew for a Brain Force powered evening of awesomeness. So pop the soy-powered InfoWars sugar-pills of your choice and watch CC, Milo Yiannopoulos shodomize the living heck outta Alex Jones & Infowars now!!!! ✅Support CreationistCat on Patreon: ✅One-time contribution with PayPal: Check out our awesome new Tee, hoodie, Mug, poster & PILLOW designs at: ✅TEE SHIRTS: also: ✅AMAZON AFFILLIATE LINK: ✅MUSIC!: Stalk me on Facebook and Twitter: Twitter : @CreationistCat Facebook : CreationistCat Written, produced and directed and a lot of freaking other things by Vadim Newquist, Creationist Cat & Noah Warner.