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 Creationist Cat

Creationist Cat

was a freakin’ housecat dat was zapped by god true dee innernet. Now I’m an agent of da lord, Atheists Beware! (satirical take on alt-right/skeptic videos)

Vote 4 Creationist Cat!!!!

Hey sodomites, go HERE and vote for the Honey Brothers “Green & Gold” like NOW. Do not underestimate how sizable a freaking step forward diss would be for cat-kind, and especially me!!!! PLEEEEAZE do it, I’ll even let you rub my tummy, unless you start getting creepy gay thoughts while doing it…. And dat Kiara campaign video and fundraising stuff is going to be up super soon. Darez just been a lot of great charity work happening in da youtube community recently and we wanted to make sure we got it out dare at da right time…. :) Follow me on Twitter you twats:!/creationistcat and make friends wid me on facebook you cat-stalking psycho losers!!!!/profile.php?id=100002430513992