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Creationist Cat

was a freakin’ housecat dat was zapped by god true dee innernet. Now I’m an agent of da lord, Atheists Beware! (satirical take on alt-right/skeptic videos)

Prager U Are The Dangerous People Teaching Your Kids (with Jordan Peterson!)

Yo shodomites, Jordan Peterson & Prager U recently published a video about the Post Modernist-Marxist takeover of our college campuses & our youth’s embrace of SJW Nihilism. Creationist Cat freaking breaks it down & tells you a LOT you may not know about Peterson and Prager U in the process… ✅Support CreationistCat on Patreon: ✅One-time contribution with PayPal: ✅TEE SHIRTS & MORE: ✅AMAZON AFFILLIATE LINK: ✅MUSIC!: Stalk me on Facebook & Twitter my shodomites… Twitter : @CreationistCat Facebook : LICENSE archetypes config.toml content data i18n layouts netlify.toml public resources scripts static Videos and Articles Referenced***** Videos: Grappling Ignorance: “What Is Prager University?” The Humanist Report: “Betsy Devos Implies Striking Teachers in Oklahoma Don’t Care About Students” “Betsy DeVos Responds to Critics: “I Will Not Be Deterred” Zero Books “Why Zizek vs. Peterson” Articles: The Invisible Free Speech Crisis: Leaked Memo From Conservative Group Cautions Students to Stay Away From Turning Point USA: The DeVos Family : Promoting Conservative Religious Values Through Political Donations Meet The Frackers: Meet The Billionaire Brothers You Never Heard of Who Fund The Religious Right: CreationistCat Written, produced and directed and a lot of freaking other things by Vadim Newquist, Creationist Cat, David Pakman & Noah Warner