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 Creationist Cat

Creationist Cat

was a freakin’ housecat dat was zapped by god true dee innernet. Now I’m an agent of da lord, Atheists Beware! (satirical take on alt-right/skeptic videos)

Top 5 CRINGE-tastic Christian Metal Videos!

That’s right shodomites! We’re counting down the most Christ-tastic Christian metal videos in freaking existence! So get ready to be rocked harder than a Jesus powered hurricane!!! ✔Support CreationistCat on Patreon: ✔One-time contribution with PayPal: ✔Buy the T-Shirt: ANY T-SHIRT purchased from comes with free CC MP3s and CC Dolls and helps Creationist Cat ministries A LOT!!!!! Written by Creationist Cat with the participation of Vadim Newquist and Noah Warner Jesus Renaissance Gif Animation by James Kerr Closing animation by @SoapisPeople Stalk me on Facebook and Twitter you freaking psycho shodomite you… Twitter : @CreationistCat Facebook : CreationistCat Written, produced and directed and a lot of freaking other things by Vadim Newquist, Creationist Cat, Ann Coulter, Bernie Sanders, Kirk Cameron, David Icke, Jeffrey Dahmer, Natalie Imbruglia, your momma and Noah Warner… And Vadim Newquist.