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 Creationist Cat

Creationist Cat

was a freakin’ housecat dat was zapped by god true dee innernet. Now I’m an agent of da lord, Atheists Beware! (satirical take on alt-right/skeptic videos)

Creationist Cat & the AtheistAntitdote (A Tweeter's Love Story)

Hey guys, today I’m giving you a glimpse of what it’s like for me behind da velvet curtain of fame. Dats right, cuz when I’m not busy pwning hellbound freaking ateeists chances are I’m chit-chatting on Twitter wid my BFF Brock Lawley, (Aka youtube apologist theatheistantidote). OMFG His tweets are da freaking BEST!!!! But don’t take my word for it, watch da video and see for yourself!

follow me on twitter you twats:!/creationistcat and make friends wid me on facebook you cat-stalking psycho losers!!!!/profile.php?id=100002430513992 And like me on facebook or I’ll hunt you down and eat you! Lyrics: I know diss guy named Brock Lawly, if I didn’t know him, he’d be da guy I didn’t know… So I go to my computer, to Tweet Brock Lawly And then I tweet him I’m Tweeting Brock Lawley, tweeting Brock Lawley, I’m Tweeting! Brock Lawley, tweeting Brock Lawley… x 2 Everyting he says is great can’t freaking believe it, these are the awesomest tweets, so I log on to the computer, to Tweet Brock Lawly… I’m tweeting brock lawly…. Etc. Everyting you right is so freaking neat but did you ever have a feeling that you just can’t tweet… So look into my eyes Brock, The ones that read your tweets cuz when this world ends it’s you and me in heaven and man dats pretty freaking sweet… Brock Lawley, Brock Lawley, Brock Lawly, I’m tweeting Brock Lawley…….. Music by Creationist Cat & Inflatable Rainbow… Piano by Noah Warner