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 Dirk Socialist

Dirk Socialist

Greetings! I am Comrade Dirk and you are welcome to my channel ‘Dirk Socialist’ It may be no surprise that the channel Dirk Socialist is ran by a socialist.

Although to many the term ‘Socialism’ appears to be vulgar, I believe that most people would be interested in social ownership of the means of production if the idea were not so stigmatized.

As such, this channel is intended to instigating interesting discussion among the LeftTube community, as well as spread class consciousness.

Inspiration can be largely attributed to Flea Market Socialist and Art House Politics and motivation from Emerican and Luna from NonCompete and Luna Oi!, Cinema Knight , and Dumpster Flower.

Thank you all for your continued support. Please enjoy your stay. While you are here please like, share and subscribe– it really does help. Take care, Comrades!

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