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Speedrunning Is Awesome, And Here's Why

Let’s explore the cool stuff that goes into making speedrunning fun! Oh and also let’s commit to me destroying my entire life for charity trying to play all of donkey kong 64 in one sitting. Uh oh. Why did I do this I’ve gotta change my avatar I actually really don’t like bananas. Maybe I hate them because of this game. Or maybe it’s because one time I ate some rotten pizza and it tasted just enough like banana that I gag. Lol I wrote all all of this and you read it. The internet is a miracle. Patreon: Twitter: Twitch: Curiouscat: Tumblr: Featuring music contributions by the awesome Zoe Blade: SOURCES: Summoning salt’s DK64 progression video!: Pannenkoek2012’s impossible coin video: CapitainToinon’s Dark Souls Any% Record: Twilight’s groundbreaking Dark Souls 1:26:28 from 2011: (nicovideo playlist) (first video of youtube reupload) Ivhen’s Bloodborne any% Current Patch run: Taku_muzine’s Bloodborne Any% run: - DK64 101% LOTAD w/Commentary [this rules] Reg’s Glitchless Mirror’s Edge run: Phillotrax’ Any% Mirror’s Edge run: Voetiem’s 69 Stars run: Blackbeltginganinja’s any% inbounds run: Mirror’s Edge Community Segmented Any% Run (THIS IS AWESOME WATCH THIS): Mirror’s Edge any% by SasukeAnimator at GDQ 2016: Signakong’s 24:58.96 DK64 Any% run: 360chrism’s 20 hr DK64 magnum opus: FalconXFalxon1’s 101% Record: Jaguar_ssb destroying their DK64 cart: