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Bill Nye VS Pseudoscience (Part Two!) | Measured Response

I wonder if any of the “‘free-thinkers”’ out there (who keep having to borrow each other’s points, in the name of thinking for themselves of course) have anything worthwhile to say about Bill Nye’s approach to gender. Let’s find out. Together! My Twitter: My Patreon: My Twitch: Special Thanks to Zinnia Jones, Contrapoints, Horikawa Otane, and Christa Lee. Zinnia’s Channel: Contra’s Channel: Christa Lee’s Bandcamp (the album ‘Fantazy Zone’ is where most of the music used here came from): SOURCES: —————– I probably forgot to cite some more things I use or reference in the video, please lemme know if I missed something and I’ll add it here later! Shaun’s The Great Replacement Isn’t Real, Ft. Lauren Southern - A segment of Science Guy where Bill Nye talks about Chromosomes, which was faked to be saying something else by liars to support their unverified beliefs - How Common Is Intersex? - Human Sex Ratio Study - A long-ass list of Muslims and Muslim groups that have condemned ‘Islamic Terror’, compiled by Heraa Hashmi - Another website documenting various Muslims and Muslim groups condemning various things - except Global Warming, of course! WHAT DO THEY KNOW WHAT WE DON’T - Telegraph Article Rage used and then deliberately didn’t cite, almost as if she was being dishonest to support a racist agenda - Original Videos: Mouthy Buddha: Bill Nye Is A Complete IDIOT - SomeBlackGuy: Bill Nye Ruines my Childhood - No Bullshit: Bill Nye Goes Full SJW, Trashes Whites, Praises Transgenders & Gays - RageAfterStorm: Bill Nye The Jewish Guy (Mirrored) Red Pill Philosophy: Bill Nye’s Netflix Show Trashes White People, Glorifies Transgenders -