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Internet? (media analysis and left video essay)

Antifeminism VS FACTS

Let’s look at some studies into sexual assault and see how the smartest, most ‘rational’ antifeminist on the internet debunks them, shall we? My Patreon: My Twitter: If your name isn’t in the credits, it’s in the next one! SOURCES: The CSA study - the originator of the 1 in 5 claim, and also by the way funded by the same department of justice that funded the one Sargon claims is somehow more factual. The survey Sargon thought was the 1 in 5 study, for some reason, and also misreads The survey Sargon most likely barely read at all before concluding it was facts (I assume because, for methodological reasons he doesn’t understand, the resulting figures are lower than the other studies of this phenomenon) Biden’s speech where he cites this statistic. It is very passionate and moving. I strongly recommend watching the whole thing, if you aren’t Sargon and have the time to actually watch things. He raises several actually-existing laws that still prevent the prosecution of rapists in various states across america. Politifact checking Biden’s speech, concluding that it is consistent with other studies but has methodogical problems worth considering about how representative it is and that more study should be (and is being!) conducted. Obama’s message where he cites this statistic Sargon’s response to the ‘myth’. Garrett’s response to Sargon where he also points out these problems, along with several more, and does it better than me The Virtual Museum of Iraq, which directly points out that it is impossible to tell if this is actually a statue of Sargon. Yet another source that I assume passed Carl by because it’s not on Wikipedia.