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Internet? (media analysis and left video essay)

Darkest Dungeon and Ludonarrative - Hbomberguy

I decided to make something while I waited for voting to finish on what I do next. Check out the Braid video for more on that. (Measured Responses videos are still happening, but they take longer to make than I’d like and incur a toll on one’s sanity if you work on them for too long without a break. I have one coming soonish though!) If you want to support me making videos like this one, check out my Patreon here: Credit for the intro/outro sounds and music goes to Max Woodhams. His band, Rootwork, had nothing to do with the music (he made it on his own for a joke and never intended to use it in anything until I became obsessed with it) but you should check their stuff out anyway! Oh, and the game footage I show near the end is in the pre-pre alpha stage. The idea came to me in a nightmare. Check it out on Steam Greenlight in, like, ten months!!!