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The Alt-Right Playbook: The Death of a Euphemism

patreon: tumblr: twitter: curious cat: transcript: research: resources: Alt-Right Playbook: Mainstreaming - Alt-Right Playbook: The Ship of Theseus - Majority of domestic terrorists are white - Republican lawmaker defends Japanese internment camps - Casting aspersions on judge for being Mexican-American - Only white people vote in the majority for Republicans - Republican Party is drifting to the Right more sharply than Democrats are drifting to the Left - Bannon starts to drop the pretense - Republican campaigners judging Far Right voters while still making a point to get them registered (NOTE: this is an article - in my opinion, a very insightful one - by Matt Taibbi, who has since come under fire for some really disgusting sexual abuse allegations. this is a mirrored version of a fairly long article, which I think is worth reading anyway, but he won’t get any traffic if you read it, I won’t blame you if you don’t, and my linking to his writing does not mean I approve of him as a human) -