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Why Are You So Angry? Part 4: An Autopsy on GamerGate

patreon: tumblr: twitter: transcript: part 1: part 2: part 3: part 5: part 6: Bibliography: Perhaps the most comprehensive account of GamerGate’s origins w/ Eron Gjoni: Brianna Wu leaves home: Anita Sarkeesian leaves home: Felicia Day doxxed: SWATting: 4chan & IRC screencaps: More IRC selections: More GG origins on 4chan: More on GG and its allies: Gator post admitting the IRC was created to destroy Quinn: Details on Operation Lollipop: GamerGate’s Operation Vox Populi: Anti-progressive allies, e.g. weev: GG’s inability to tell two Asian men apart: Popular Science on how angry commenters skew opinion: GamerGate supporter Milo Yiannopoulos on the “social justice narrative” in Bioware games: Angry Joe on having to shut down GamerGate threads on his forum: 8chan hosting child pornography: Hacking and doxxing on 8chan’s baphomet: Brianna Wu having a GamerGater storm out of a panel: Making research unusable, and how a hate campaign works: GamerGate and the “gamers are dead” articles (source of much of their criticism of Leigh Alexander): How “moderate” GamerGaters amplified harassment: GamerGate losing support after the Colbert Report: GamerGate reacting with military language to Sarkeesian’s appearance on The Colbert Report: GamerGaters moving on to Sad Puppies: The harassment hasn’t ended: GamerGate’s origins on /pol/: pol and white supremacy: Hashtag traffic overwhelmingly more fixated on Leigh Alexander than any other journalist: Mattie Brice quits games journalism: Tauriq Moosa leaves twitter: GamerGate’s refusal to do any kind of moderating: Journalists failing to comment: