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The Alt-Right Playbook: Mainstreaming

patreon: tumblr: twitter: curious cat: transcript: research: sources: The Overton Window: the primary resource for the Alt-Right’s hijacking of the news and social media is Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online by Alice Marwick and Rebecca Lewis: buy Delany’s memoir, The Motion of Light in Water, here: 13 of pro-Trump tweets in 2016 were bots: prevalence of sockpuppet accounts: sockpuppets try to discredit Black feminists: echo parentheses: Milo Yiannopoulos fans shoot progressives at his speech: Richard Spencer claims to have quit public speaking due to backlash from progressives: neo-nazis chant “Jews will not replace us” in Charlottesville: Alt-Righter gives interview wearing Nazi death’s head pin: neo-nazi fires gun at Black man during Charlottesville march, police do nothing: NYT profiles: Milo threatening to out immigrants: white student union hoax started by Stormfront: planting false or misleading news in small outlets and watching it “trade up the chain” to national news: