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 Mystic Muttering

Mystic Muttering

I am a folksinger and songwriter with a passion for radical activism, geekery, and magick.

Response to "The Truth about Popular Culture" by PJW

InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson makes the claim that “culture used to be uplifting,” and says that the pop music of the last 20 years or so (he’s pretty vague) represent some dangerous slide into degeneracy. His main examples seem to be that people are making careers in pop music making songs about sex, violence, drink, and all that other fun stuff. In my response, I use an old murder ballad called William Taylor (Roud 158) to prove that people have sung about those things for centuries, and probably always will. Degeneracy is part of my tradition, and it’s probably part of yours, too. Thom Avella’s wonderful response: Original video by Paul Joseph Watson: EVEN MORE DEGENERACY: Two Sisters (Child 10) by Peggy Seeger: Matty Groves (Child Ballad 81, Roud 52) by The Strangelings: Lucy Wan (Child 13) by Dave Swarbrick: