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 Mystic Muttering

Mystic Muttering

I am a folksinger and songwriter with a passion for radical activism, geekery, and magick.

True Peace: A Koan

content WARNING VIOLENCE AND ALCOHOL* I usually try to put those in the body of the video - I’m happy to re-edit if it’s worth it to y’all. This one is a secondhand Zen koan that I first heard in a book by the late lamented Robert Anton Wilson, whose work can be found here: Anyone curious about how to run a society free from coercion and looking for possible ways, means, and analytical tools to get there should check out this playlist: Music is spontaneously composed and original, entitled “business as usual,” under a share-alike license. Anyone interested in the MP3 should PM me. I finally have a Patreon! Help me make more awesome music and videos here: I also have some merch here: