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 Non Compete

Non Compete

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Why are you working 8 hours per day?

Why don’t we have a 4 hour workday? Why have wages stagnated while the revenue we produce for our companies have almost tripled since the early 1970s? Let’s talk about capitalism. Illustrations and cinematography by Luna Oi: Thought Slime’s full video: How Anarchism Works Playlist: SOURCES: Productivity Pay Gap: Real Personal Income in the USA: 69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings: Record High Credit Card Debt in USA: Most Americans live Paycheck to Paycheck: Small Business Startup Costs in the USA: World Bank Report: Happy Planet Index: Non-Compete is a leftist blog and YouTube channel. Follow me on Mastodon. Find out more: Facebook/Twitter/Email info: Patreon: