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spooky scary socialists

Finally: a Halloween song for anarchists, communists, and puppets! Lyrics: Spooky scary socialists Shall seize the sovereign state Working proles will shock your soul Seal your class’s fate Spooky scary socialists In solidarity Marxists marching arm in arm Together can’t be beat Sorry bout this, capitalists You have had your fun Now it’s time to socialize The means of production Cause spooky scary socialists Shout “Workers all unite!” We’ll come together, raise our fists And demonstrate our might Silly centrist liberals Support the status quo But leftists won’t be satisfied Until its overthrown! Spooky scary socialists Are silly all the same We’ll dance and sing on Halloween And play our waiting game For Fascists might be laughing now But we can never lose Spooky scary socialists Will rise up with a boo! Original Noam Chomsky video: Featured Leftubers: Angie Speaks: Radian2Pi: Radical Reviewer: Ron the Rugged Midwesterner: Curio: Non-Compete is a leftist blog and YouTube channel. Follow me on Mastodon. Find out more: Facebook/Twitter/Email info: Patreon: