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Wealth Hoarders (Why Wealth Inequality is a Problem) | Very Important Docs¹⁷

Is hoarding wealth moral or immoral? Is capitalism human nature? 💥BECOME A PATRON at 📕 ORDER MY BOOK 👕 MERCH SUBSCRIBE TO MEXIE: 🐦TWITTER: 📱NOTIFICATIONS: LICENSE archetypes config.toml content data i18n layouts netlify.toml public resources scripts static #AntiCapitalism #HumanNature #Morality Let’s talk about why wealth inequality is a problem. SOURCES “CEO Pay 1,795-to-1 Multiple of Wages Skirts U.S. Law” (2013) Bloomberg “Did Wages Detach from Productivity in 1973? An Investigation” (2016) Curtis Miller “The Objectivist Ethics” from The Virtue of Selfishness (1964) Ayn Rand Theses on Feuerbach (1888) Karl Marx -~--~--~- NEW VIDEO: “Free Speech 2: Censorship Boogaloo (Infowars, Steven Crowder) | Very Important Docs²³” -~--~--~-